GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

Our company aim is to build trust and long term relationships. We run a very transparent business and for this reason, we track all of our leaflet drops. We do this because it enables us to report back to you exactly where our droppers have been. The image to the side displays a leaflet drop which is currently in progress, we are able to print off or email you these images after each drop has been completed.

Please note the GPS trackers use mobile sim cards and it is common for them to lose signal or drop battery and leave gaps on the maps. The GPS tracking system is in place purely to create a transparent relationship with our customers. We are one of the only leaflet distribution companies to drive a team to a location and fully supervise a distribution using Team Leaders. We cannot be held liable for any gaps within a map report.











In a tough industry which has historically been giving a bad name, our aim is to be the most transparent leaflet distribution company in the UK.